Integrated Maintenance Environment - IME

The Integrated Maintenance Environment (IME) is a database centric, agnostic, commercial software environment, developed by Long island Software Systems, in the areas of "Automated Logistics Environments" (ALE) and "Prognostics and Health Management" (PHM). 

Long Island Software System is proud to offer the following Software Product Suite:

IME Core - Core software and databases.

IME MGS – Maintenance ground station.   Two environments are available, a web base "Thin client" or a Window's based "fat" client.  The MGS requires the purchase of the “IME Core” Module.   The Maintenance Ground Station allows the user to load data from multiple sources, display them, view the data in a variety of representations and submit a Maintenance Work Order to your maintenance system.

  • LISS will develop with their customer the ETL (Extract, Translate and Load) “Plug-ins” that will enable the customer’s specific data to be loaded into the IME environment.

  • LISS will develop with their customer the interface to their Work Order maintenance environment

IME Extended Diagnostics – Using IME's unique capabilities to unify and synchronize data from multiple sources, IME’s PHM module enables system-wide analysis of its data across subsystems using “all available data”, such as Fault indications, modes of operation, parametric data and environmental data such as speed, accelerations, temperatures and pressures. The following sub modules are available:

- Fault Filtering
- Group Fault Processing (Isolations/false alarm mitigation)
- Conditional Faults
- Virtual Faults
- PHM Exceedances
- Status at a Glance

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