Meet Our Team

Kevin Barclay
Founder and President

Kevin Established the Long Island Software Systems, LLC in October 2000.

Kevin has significant experience in designing and developing eloquent solutions to meet the needs of the customer. 

He has more than 33 years servicing both the Aerospace Logistics community and to the Commercial Financial Services community. 

His background includes a thorough understanding of the interrelationship of the “Pillars of ILS” (Integrated Logistics Support) including Maintenance Planning, Supportability, Supply Support, Support Equipment, Training, Technical Data, PHS&T, Computer Resources and the Design Interface, especially with how they interact within an Automated Logistics Environment for the maintenance and sustainment of today’s advanced ‘Smart Aircraft’.

Before starting LISS, Kevin held several positions for a major aerospace corporation including Technical Specialist, Technical Lead and Software Lead. Past efforts have included a Repair of Repairables system, Test Diagram Generation system, Automatic Circuit Analysis systems, and support for the development of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and Test Program Sets (TPS).

Peter Sciotto
Requirement and Testing Lead

Peter has significant experience in the development of complex hardware and software systems, particulary in the areas of requirement development and system test and production, all with a focus on customer satisfaction. He has more than 12 years of experience, both in the aerospace and electrical utility industries.
His background includes a thorough understanding of both hardware and software design for usage, growth, and supportability. Through his time with multiple major aerospace corporations, Peter's experience has included hardware, software, and system design of avionics, communications, and test equipment, as well as systems aimed at the improvement of all aspects of aerospace maintenance, support, and logistics. 

His time in the electric utility industry has provided an opportunity to transition the knowledge acquired in the aerospace logistics field to the significant fleet of assets that must be operated and maintained by the utility industry.

Eitan Eadan
Prognostics and Health Management Lead

Eitan has more than 25 years experience working in the aerospace industry specializing in the areas of scientific research, algorithm design, software design and implementation and project management.

Before he joined LISS Eitan held technical lead position for a major aerospace corporation in the areas of Prognostics and Health Management, Logistics and Maintenance Systems.

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